Miranda Wei

An Abbreviated Life Story, According to the Internet

As a #millennial, my life has accumulated a variety of references on the Internet. To save you some cyber-sleuthing, here’s my authoritative commentary on references that I’m aware of:

In June 2018, my paper on private browsing was written about by the UChicago News. A quote from the interview I did for this article was featured on UChicago’s Facebook page, much to the amusement of my Facebook friends.

In October 2017, I began my tenure as the second director of MPOST. Our first event was covered by the Chicago Maroon, University of Chicago’s student-run newspaper.

In Fall 2015/Winter 2016, I participated in University of Chicago MODA’s Designer Bootcamp (DBC). As part of DBC, I took a 6-week course on fashion design and tailoring, and was interviewed by Maroon TV about being a DBC designer. At the end, I presented my very own fashion collection (designed and created by me) at MODA’s annual fashion show!

In December 2011, I earned my black belt in Taekwondo after eight years of training at my dojang, Young Tigers. Among other parts of my black belt test, I used a hammerfist to break a block of concrete (photos and video). My black belt senior thesis was published in the Korean Quarterly and the Glenview Lantern. Many thanks to Grandmaster Ho B. Kim, who taught me to strive to be the light in the darkness, to not let others get me down, and how to deliver the perfect roundhouse kick. For the record, my favorite form is PalbalngMoo #2, and no, I’m not required to register my hands as weapons.


I love traveling, especially as a way to try new foods, see new places, and pick up new threads. So far I’m at 28 countries!